The Ups and Downs of Working as an Independent Artist

It’s hard to say what it means to be an independent artist these days but the opportunities for independent artists have never been greater. Can’t thank social media enough for making the career of an independent artist more achievable than ever.As an independent artist, you have total control over your career. Creativity matters the most for any musician’s career. An independent artist has complete control over the direction and creative content of his music.Without a label, any revenue generated from things like album sales goes right into your pocket.Being associated with any major labels means the artist does not get to keep the rights or even the creative control over their music. Being associated with a major label requires you to meet the deadlines; your music is influenced by corporate demands.”The main fallacy of being an independent artist is that you’re competing with major label artists, that it’s your job to replicate the resources they’re provided by the label. Let me give a good advice ,try not to compare your progress to anyone else’s and just focus on your end goal and chip away at it day by day.

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