HOME IS WHERE THE ART IS X Factor Judges’ Houses ‘locations confirmed’ with Robbie Williams and Simon Cowell filming in their OWN homes

X FACTOR’S Simon Cowell, Robbie Williams and Ayda Field will film Judges’ Houses inside their actual own homes this year.

The Daily Star reports that the three will take their contestants to LA to whittle them down to finalists, while Louis Tomlinson will go to Barcelona.

A source said: “This is unusual for X Factor. Viewers are used to seeing contestants go all over the world. But this time most of them will be in LA.

“It won’t be as exciting to watch. But it will certainly make things easier for the production team.”

Robbie and Ayda have two homes in LA so there’ll be no arguments about who uses the house and when.

The Star added that the decision was for ease and not to cut costs.

However, a representative for the show said locations had not been finalised yet.


The husband-and-wife duo are said to have signed a deal worth £10 million, and Louis, 26, is believed to be making £4 million.

No expense was spared securing the new line-up with Simon’s production company pumping in £20 million in a bid to overtake Strictly Come Dancing in the ratings war.

The husband-and-wife duo are said to have signed a deal worth £10 million, and Louis, 26, is believed to be making £4 million.

The massive salary packages, plus paying out the contracts of former judges Louis Walsh, 65, and Sharon Osbourne, 65, has made this the priciest series yet, according to The Mirror.

The report suggests the deals were made in a bid to finally knock Strictly Come Dancing off the ratings top spot.

The BBC One dance show averaged 11 million viewers last year, while The X Factor failed to top eight million.

A source told publication: “This is costing ITV a huge expense, it will be one of the most expensive shows on TV.

“ITV were so convinced that Robbie and Ayda would be a ratings hit they weren’t bothered about pulling out the big bucks.

“Everyone, including Simon, thinks it’s going to be a success.”

When asked why he joined the 15th series, after previously turning down a judging role, Robbie, 44, said: “Millions, there are literally millions of reasons to be on this panel for this season.”

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